What people are saying about Sycamore Tree

“All prisoners should do it, it does change the way people think.”  A Prisoner

The Sycamore Tree course showed me that I needed to think and act in new ways. The facilitators of Sycamore Tree are always in my prayers. I will never forget the people I met there as they have changed my life. Thank you.”  A Prisoner

“The results are really encouraging and I was pleased that the positive impact which prisoners so often report is replicated in the outcome of the research … I think the fact that Prison Fellowship has taken such an ‘evidence-based approach’ significantly improves the credibility of Sycamore Tree and I hope that it will continue to be delivered and developed.”  Michael Spurr, Chief Executive Officer, National Offenders Management Service

“I do feel that both the prisoners and the victims get such a lot out of their meeting and feel that a lot of healing and understanding happens from both sides. I am a staunch believer in this programme and talk about the benefits at talks and presentations throughout the borough. We are also happy to display (with the prisoners’ permission) their letters and drawings in the office so that other victims can see the results of the programme.”  Jan Stanley, Chorley Branch Manager, Victim Support Lancashire

“For thirty years I have been a magistrate and have visited many prisons. I visited prisons, I did not visit prisoners until I became a witness on Sycamore Tree. I was able to listen and speak to the men. This was the first time I saw them as people, spending time with them, willing to share, speaking about their families and victims, a time to acknowledge and say sorry.”  A magistrate

“I have been a supporter of Sycamore Tree since I first learnt what it had to offer in 2000. I was Governor of an adult prison and quickly realised the tremendous positive impact that it could make on those attending. I am passionate about the support and life chances that we give to young people. Therefore, when I arrived at Feltham YOI, I was extremely pleased to know that Sycamore Tree has a place and purpose here. I intend to continue the support for the programme for as long as I am able to.”  Andrew Cross, Governor of HMP/YOI Feltham