Angel Tree Mothers’ Day – Sunday 11th March 2018

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Angel Tree Mothers’ Day supports young adult prisoners in their family relationships by enabling them to have a gift sent on their behalf, containing their own message to their mother or other significant adult on Mothers’ Day. This programme has been developed for young offenders, under the age of 21. It is provided at no cost to the prison or the prisoners, through donations from volunteers and supporters of Prison Fellowship England and Wales.

Our Angel Tree Administrator Joanna Perkins shares, “Last year, we sent over 540 gifts to mothers of young offenders, and we would love to offer this to more young people in the future. As Christians, we know the importance of the family. Whether it’s our own relatives or our church family; I am sure we have all struggled when disconnected from loved ones or mourning their loss.  Maintaining contact is key in keeping stability – and for young offenders that is even more important when they are physically removed from their families. Contact can help alleviate the effect of the negative impact of being inside.”


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If you would like to enable the mother or carer of a prisoner to receive a gift this Mothers’ Day, please do give generously. Each present costs just £8, including postage.


“To the world’s most amazing mum. Thank you for everything and all the support you’ve given me while I’ve been away. You’ve been strong through it all and I just want to promise you I will NEVER put you through this again. Sorry for everything. Love and miss you loads.”  Angel Tree Mothers’ Day Young Offender