Facts & Figures

These statistics provide some information about the context in which Prison Fellowship works in England and Wales:

Prison Population

The prison population in England and Wales stands at approx. 85k (84,405). We are the top incarcerator in Western Europe. 290 people died in prison in the 12 months leading up to March 2016. Over a third of these deaths were the result of suicide.

There are approx. 4k (3,861) women in prison. Over half the women in prison (53%) say they have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse when they were younger and 46% have also suffered domestic violence in their life. 46% of women in custody say they have attempted suicide at some time of their life.

There are 4,668 young adults (18-20yrs) in prison and about 882 children under 18 in custody. Two-fifths of children in prison have been on the child protection register or had experienced neglect or abuse. 11% of children in prison have attempted suicide at some point during their life.

Those Affected by Crime
200,000 children in England and Wales have had a parent in prison at one point since 2009. Having a parent in prison often trebles the risk for anti-social or delinquent behavior in their children.

Crime is at its lowest level since surveying began in 1981 and is nearly two-thirds (64%) lower than its peak in 1995.

46% of adults are re-convicted within one year of release – for those serving sentences of less than 12 months this increases to 60%.

Stats taken from the Prison Reform Trust’s Bromley Briefings Summer 2016