A Mothers’ Day gift with the potential to turn a life around

Date posted: March 6, 2018 - News added by Administrator

Angel Tree Mothers Day

“I think it’s because of that card!”

Seventeen-year-old David was overjoyed as he spoke to the prison chaplain. Having not heard from his mum in two years, he decided to reach out to her through Angel Tree Mothers’ Day. Wonderfully, he received a card back from his mum, asking if she could come and visit him in his Young Offender’s Institute (YOI).

It was in hope of moments like this that we expanded Angel Tree to include a Mothers’ Day initiative in 2011. Children and young adults in custody are offered the chance to send their mum or other significant maternal figure a Mothers’ Day card and a £5 gift voucher.

In 2017, we sent 542 gifts to mothers on behalf of young offenders. After Mothers’ Day last year, one chaplain wrote, “The lads cannot understand why someone who doesn’t even know them would do this for them. Many do not feel they deserve it. All are extremely grateful.”

For David at least, it was the catalyst for a new beginning for him and his mother. That simple card and gift has the potential to turn a life around — to change the ending to his story forever.

Nearly 40 years ago, Prison Fellowship’s founder, Sylvia Mary Alison, started our life-changing ministry with a God-given vision of “little cells, twos and threes gathered together in Christ’s Name… a group for each of the prisons in the country.”

God has had His way and the vision He established is now a vibrant and growing fellowship of volunteers serving in our prisons across England and Wales! It is due to all these committed volunteers, and the support of people like you, that we are able to sustain and expand our work, so that even more prisoners are reached.

And we keep adding to the vision! Prison Fellowship volunteers are already actively supporting young offenders through our Sycamore Tree programme and in chaplaincies. Our Letter Link programme is running in YOIs, and we are in discussion to extend this programme into secure training centres for children aged 10 to 17 as well.

Would you continue to partner with us as we push on to achieve our vision? We passionately believe God loves each and every troubled young man or woman in custody, and we want to show this love through our presence and service in those institutions.

Regular monthly gifts enable us to plan more effectively for the future — to sustain and expand our ministry to prisoners across England and Wales. A monthly donation of £15 could enable a young person to take part in a Sycamore Tree course. Or a gift of £8 could allow a young person in prison to send a Mothers’ Day gift to their mum.

Please do pray about what you can do. Whatever you can afford, it could help put smiles on mums’ faces this Mothers’ Day and, we hope, reignite family relationships — just as it did with David and his mum.

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