Volunteer FAQ

How can I apply to volunteer?

To volunteer for any of our programmes you will need to fill out an application form and get two references (please print two copies of the reference form and give these to each referee to complete and send back to us).  One of the PF team will then contact you and help you get involved.

What if I don’t have much time?

You can still get involved.  How about giving financially to our work or signing up to our newsletter and prayer diary?

Who can volunteer?

If you share the vision of Prison Fellowship and our Christian motivation, we have opportunities for a wide range of ages, skills, availability and situations.  We ask volunteers to sign a statement of faith.

What will I get out of the volunteering experience?

Our volunteers all choose to put their faith into action, but for a variety of reasons:

  • Many feel inspired by seeing the change God brings into the lives of prisoners
  • Others see volunteering as their chance to use their skills and experience to give something back to the community
  • Volunteering can also be a very social activity and a great way to meet new people

Why do I have to go through the application process?

We ask all our volunteers to fill out an application form and get two references before they can get involved with Prison Fellowship.

Our PF groups and volunteers who work with prisoners will have to deal with confidential and sensitive information, and not everyone is suitable for this role.

These procedures are in place to protect our volunteers, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation with this.

Do I need to be DBS checked?

No – we will only ask volunteers who work specifically with children, to be DBS checked. We do carry out our own application procedures and reference checks for all volunteers (see above). If you go into prison as part of your volunteering the prison will carry out additional checks and you will have to apply for security clearance.

Do I need any particular skills to volunteer?

For some roles there may be a particular skill or qualification required, for example our Sycamore Tutors need a teaching qualification.  Training will be offered by Prison Fellowship for any role that needs it.

Will I receive training?

Volunteers will receive basic training and induction through their local group, or a local training day. You will also receive additional training for any specialist roles you choose to volunteer for. Check out our events for details of training days coming up.

What will it cost me to volunteer?

Nothing!  All it will cost you is your time.  We do not expect our volunteers to be out of pocket, and reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.