SPCK Prison Fiction Programme

Can a book change a life? We think so.

Of the UK’s prison population, 60 per cent are functionally illiterate (National Literacy Trust). Poor reading skills hinder the rehabilitation of thousands of prisoners, especially when they leave prison and try to find employment.

We want to help prisoners to use their time inside as an opportunity for education so that their lives get better when they leave prison, not worse.

SPCK’s Diffusion Prison Fiction Programme is a literacy scheme which provides free, easy-to-read books to UK prisons and reading groups. Designed for readers with low literacy, the Prison Fiction series seeks to improve prisoners’ reading confidence, assist rehabilitation and champion prisoners’ right to read.

Each one of SPCK’s titles presents believable characters and situations, encourages self-reflection and explores ideas of choice, personal responsibility, and positive relationships. Discussion points at the end of each chapter make these books ideal for use in reading groups.

Howard Dodd, our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, says of the programme: “This is an exciting initiative which addresses the significant shortage of appropriate reading materials in prison. We hope this will be a partnership that successfully combines PFEW’s extensive involvement in prisons with SPCK’s expertise as originators and publishers of reading materials. We are grateful for SPCK’s generosity in providing these resources free of charge.”

For more information about the scheme on SPCK’s website, click here.

If you are interested in starting a reading group in your local prison or know of someone in prison who might benefit from these books, please contact Prison Fellowship at info@prisonfellowship.org.uk, or call  on 020 7799 2500.

If you are a prison chaplain, education officer, librarian or governor and would like to run this scheme in your prison, please also contact Prison Fellowship and we will put you in touch with a volunteer.

Alternatively, email SPCK at prisonfiction@spck.org.uk or call Savana Gomes on 020 7592 3917.